Monday, July 7

Late Bloomer

Ok, I will follow up on the previous post soon enough...until then...

I want to share my latest favorite tv show with you. It's about these close friends that have great style, and great sex, and they live in a great city.

I am such a dork. I have JUST NOW become a fan of Sex In The City. For some reason, I just couldn't get into it before. I would watch 10-15 minutes of an episode, but it just didn't appeal to me. Miranda annoyed the crap out of me and Samantha reminded me too much of parts of myself; Carrie's observations were too conveniently dead on and Charlotte seemed too...nice. Ick. Then, tonight, I watched the episode where Miranda gets married in the community garden, and Samantha finds out she has breast cancer. I loved it. I think it came at a good time, especially with Samantha sort of having a change of heart about her latest handsome conquest. I related to her big time, and now I want to watch every episode. By the time I get through them all, the movie will be airing on network tv. Perfect.

Wednesday, July 2

A Time for All

Time to make some changes. I'm starting off by closing my accounts on match and eharmony. I am so done with online dating. Next, I'm throwing out tons of material shit. It has consumed me, and I can't take it anymore.

What bothers me most, is how dishonest I've been with myself and those I care about. What would happen if I lived my life completely honestly? I've been pulling the wool over my eyes long enough that I'm not sure. I'm unhappy. Plain and simple. I can change that. So, I will. It's a beautiful day outside, I am taking my book and going to read somewhere; just get out of the house and return with a clearer head.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 24

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave...

What was I doing all that time I was away from my blog?

Well, I:

...participated in the Mighty Texas Dog Walk with 'Stache. So much fun; took my dog and Platinum - and she walked the entire thing with me! That's a long distance for a 5-year old. We turned around just a bit before the midpoint, but we still completed about 4/5 of the 5k.
...met some men. More on that later, really.
...lightened my hair to a strawberry blonde.
...broke up with someone. There will NOT be more on that later.
...ended my first year of teaching.
...decided to start saving to get a new car by December.
...turned 31. Acted like a 21 year old that night :-)
...bought some very, very nice shoes and handbags. I almost blogged about that the day I bought them - I'm that into shoes that they inspire me to reach for the keyboard, all the while ignoring any semblance of deep thought.
...went on a vacation to an island with my family.
...came back with a blistering sunburn from said island trip.
...pretended to be a proctologist named Dr. Anita Manda Cuppenpoke for a P Party. What's a P Party, you ask? Everyone comes dressed as something beginning with, you guessed it, the letter P. It was a good time for sure, but not quite the highlight of my partying month. My birthday night out gets that honor, hands down ;-)
...conquered a mild fear of the ocean, and boats on the ocean.
...was contacted by, I kid you not, 4 ex boyfriends. Well, the term "boyfriend" is used loosely here. Three of them were men that I had dated briefly (2-4 dates) last year, one was someone with a bit more significance. After talking to Christmas, I was reminded of a rather obvious bit of wisdom that I have chosen to ignore repeatedly as of late. Exes are exes for a reason, and that reason is virtually always present regardless of how much time has passed. I should tattoo this on my forearm for reference.
...met a man at a bar. I know, I know, I know...cliche and awful sounding, right? It gets worse (and yet, in some ways, better - even pretty good). I'll just let your imaginations run wild with this one. Three of my closest girlfriends know allllllll about it :-) Let's just say, Jerry Springer would have been proud of the aftermath.

I'm going to end this post on that high note. I'll expand on a few of the events another time, because they are worth exploring in order to sharpen my perspective...and, they're pretty damn funny.

Hi, Atus!

So, after a brief hiatus from blogging, I've returned. Not that there's been a lack of events to blog about...quite the contrary. I've just not made the time - or, more accurately, I've been a bit lazy about it. Also, I kind of thought people didn't really read this thing :-) Lo and behold, several friends start asking "Hey, what happened to your blog?"

Excuse me, waiter, I'd like another order of whine and cheese, please...

Sunday, April 27

Russells Teapot... yea, atheism!

'Stache has this linked in his blog...I shall do likewise. It's good readin'. Click on the comics section and enjoy a good chuckle at Christianity. I always do.

Thursday, April 17


Some secrets are meant to be kept, and some should be released as soon as possible. I hate having regrets, and now I have one less. My very closest friends will understand this, but for the most part, it will be a very private celebration for a long while...

Fine by me. There's plenty of time, and I need a lesson in patience these days.

Friday, April 11

Room. Room. Room. Room. Room...

Have you ever said a word often enough in a short period of time that it ended up sounding like complete gibberish? I clicked on a link in a friend's email today that was about mysterious brain functions. Most of it was about deja vu and related phenomena, but there was one part that was about brain fatigue and its effects. If you say (and according to the article, write) a simple common word often enough and as quickly as possible, you can turn it into something utterly meaningless. I did that with the word "room" today. Talking about clearing out space in my house left me muttering the word "room" repeatedly to myself this morning and eventually giggling at what a silly word it was.

I promise I am not high.


I was thinking of what to do with my soon-to-be-empty rooms. Hey - here's an idea: leave them empty!! That is the most likely scenario, but I am also thinking of putting a vintage typewriter in the one that faces the street. Just a typewriter and some paper. Maybe one of my antique lamps too. It would be an ideal writing room set-up... no distractions, peace and quiet, space. I have started on a journey of Fifty-Five Fiction. Look it up.